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Welcome to Damarcationville. I’m pleased you stopped by to visit. Make yourself comfortable and (*no, given the premise of the blog, it doesn’t matter where you sit– left, right, in or out, it’s all the same to me) peruse these policies, submission guidelines, terms of use, disclaimers, and/or other legal gibberish my lawyer might suggest after she sobers up.

Please note these rules are subject to change without notice. New rules may also be enacted, adopted, altered, repealed, rewritten and/or reposted in a different language and/or funny text just because I am bored and/or have been drinking heavily.

TERMS OF USE: You understand and agree that all content on the Demarcationville site (unless otherwise noted) is the exclusive property of the site administrator and protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws. (Yes, the laws apply even if property cannot be technically defined as intellectual.) Feel free to link, quote, share or otherwise electronically disseminate the material: I do ask that you provide a trackback or link to the site. You may also download, retransmit, print or publish for personal and non-commercial use, such as to hang on your refrigerator or make paper airplanes; however, aircrafts created using Demarcationville content must be named in my honor. If this is not acceptable, you can pick your own name but it won’t be nearly as cool.

You also agree and understand all comments on this site are considered third party content and belong to the individuals who posted them. Do not violate, plagiarize or infringe on the rights of any third parties, including copyright, trademark, trade secret, privacy, personal, publicity, or proprietary rights.

You understand and agree that you may not reproduce, retransmit, distribute, sell, broadcast, circulate material from this site for profit or gain without prior written consent. You cannot not write a book or screenplay based on this material without written authorization. You cannot use this material to create song lyrics, including but not limited to raps and ballads. You understand the content posted here is not public domain but property of Demarcationville: therefore the administrator is entitled to any profit generated or financial gains made from this site.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Please send all event announcements, press releases, distasteful jokes, funny photos, videos, gossip, news tips and stuff you think I need to know via email to: demarcationville [at] gmail [dot] com. (No cat pictures, please. I am allergic.) I reserve the right to reject materials which I deem inappropriate, incorrect, malicious, libelous or uninteresting. I am under no obligation to include your event or announcement: although your chances may substantially improve if (a) your event benefits a worthy cause (b) your event benefits me (c) you are giving away free items or have a free bar at your event AND you invite me to attend (d) your event sounds fun or (e) you are a Republican.

You understand and agree if you send an email or submit material to this site, unless I indicate otherwise, you grant Demarcationville a nonexclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, and fully sub-licensable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute, and display such content using the name that you submit in connection with such content. You may ask me to waive these rights: my answer will probably be no… unless you offer to buy me fishing lures, designer high heels or beer… then I might reconsider.

Should you make an unseemly proposition via email, I will forward this to my 72-year old great-aunt Beulah along with your telephone number and other contact information. I will include a note stating that you really dig older chicks. (For the record, Beulah likes tap-dancing and long walks in the garden.) In the event that you make an unseemly proposition and are freakishly attractive: I will launch a full scale campaign to sell my husband on the joys and benefits of reverse polygamy. You understand that this may involve converting to a new religion. This religious would rightfully entitle me to the be the goddess of something. We would be led by my friend, Delirious Fluff, who is ordained through some hooey internet church in a non-specific denomination.

Of course, if you were raised Southern Baptist, you agree and understand that this could be considered a legitimate sin which is punishable by Hell – the upside is we may qualify through the IRS for tax exempt status.

POLICY ON POSTING COMMENTS: I have the right but not the obligation to monitor and edit or remove any activity or content I deem inappropriate. This would include advertisements, chain letters, charity requests, petitions for signatures, solicitations or unflattering comments about my mother. Otherwise, I believe that open discussion is more productive than uniform acquiescence. Therefore, I DO NOT moderate or censor comments.

DISCLAIMER A: I take no responsibility for the material/content of any outside source, including other websites linked to Demarcationville. The opinions expressed by third parties are not necessarily my own and I cannot endorse or guarantee of the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or reliability of any advice, opinion, statement or information by an outside source. While every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of content posted, you are encouraged to verify the information and consider other sources before committing to any action that may affect your financial standing, religious beliefs, political preferences or result in you getting a divorce or tattoo.

DISCLAIMER B: Demarcationville contains language which may not be suitable for children under the age of 10. Parental guidance recommended although probably not necessary. My policy on nudity is – well, personally, I think it is good. However, there will be no graphic or obscene material displayed on this site… unless I happen to snap a photo of a high-ranking politician frolicking naked with Paris Hilton. Then, as soon as I finish vomiting, I would post that. So, you understand that you may read the site naked, just don’t send photos.



4 thoughts on “Rules

  1. BRAVO!
    This site is well maintained…
    laid out nicely…
    cleverly written…
    and you appear to be well versed.
    Good job.
    I am impressed.

  2. Angie,
    I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog, which I do every day.

    Keep up the, um, good work.

    jay taylor

  3. I found your blog while doing research for a Rite of Passage program I’m putting together for year 10 students in Australia. Loved the article; wish I could show it to them, but it might not go over too well with the powers that be… We teachers enjoyed it though! I’ll be back.


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