Welcome to my world, which is located somewhere between Normal and Abnormal, Liberal and Conservative, Ordinary and Extraordinary, Good and Bad, Pro and Con, Right and Wrong, Those Who Recycle and Those Who Don’t.  After years of trying to cross the line one way or the other, I decided one day – “Screw it, I’m just going to live here.”

I am the mother of two: Diva and Smartypants. I am married to Mr. M.  Sometimes happily. Other times, I do consider trading him in for a newer model… one with on-board navigation and better handling.

I am a newspaper columnist, business manager, chronic car-key misplacer and was voted most likely in my suburb to suffer a psychotic break and shoot down innocent mailboxes.

I have the framed certificate if you’d like to see it.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice job ! The highest praise I can give any writer is that he makes me care about something I didn’t previously give a damn about and that speaks volumes about your abilities. You have the skills to paint a picture in my mind of exactly what you are referring to…….wait… was that thunder?…….. what was we talking about?

    Speak easy on the grape vine

  2. Hi Angie,

    I hope this finds you doing well. I am trying to locate Mitsy Voiles and Derek Winkle said you might have her email address or contact information. Is she still in Australia or in the States? My husband and I are traveling to Australia and would like to look her up if she is there. If you could, would you please email me at karenstewart202@hotmail.com

    Best and Happy New Year!

    Karen Stewart

  3. I just happened upon this blog because I googled “Does short you make me look fat?” (there are a ridiculous amount of sites on the topic) lol

    But I’m so glad to have ended up here – i’m from Southeastern Kentcky but have been living in France for a few years now. I love reading your musings on local culture and especailly how it is perceived from the outside world.

    I plan on reading more in depth tomorrow – my Ambien is starting to kick in, and beleieve me, you don’t want an ambien-influenced commentary.

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