Stimulus, Recovery & My New Crush on Phil Roe…

Hank Hayes covered the Rogersville/Hawkins County Chamber of Commerce legislative breakfast Saturday morning, where  Phil Roe discussed the stimulus bill.

“We got it at 9 o’clock yesterday morning and voted at 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon,” Roe said of the bill. “No one has read this bill. I can promise you not one senator, not one representative in the United States Congress has read that.”

Full report here.

(A.)  I think I might love Phil for admitting this.  Of course, my loyalty is fickle and crushes short-lived,  so I wouldn’t read too much into it.  (B.)  While I won’t disagree that some form of stimulus was necessary  (all the experts say so)  there’s still some un-stimulating expenditures wrapped up in this bill.  (tres)  Will  Heath Shuler just become a damn Republican already?

Now, back to the bailout:  sent by Pops and posted for your weekend amusement.



4 thoughts on “Stimulus, Recovery & My New Crush on Phil Roe…

  1. There were a handful of cities that submitted “shovel ready” projects in Tennessee.

    Now, you should see cities getting on the bandwagon to try to get some of that money. It appears that Johnson City and Knoxville are the only East TN cities to submit projects.

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