Hawkins County Schools Closed, Wal-Mart Open, Persia Water Off

* Hawkins County schools will be closed again tomorrow  (Thursday 2/5/09.)   Head here to keep track of other local closings, cancellations and delays.

* Traffic in town is slow.  The main roads are clear, but the sidewalks are slippery – at least I assume they are since I saw a fella in a suit take a spill en route to the courthouse earlier today.   I assumed he was a slick-shoed lawyer.   So, I laughed a little.   The weather has also failed to slow down local Wal-Mart shoppers.  The store was busy this afternoon with the usual two check-out lanes open.  You know, I suspect if a meteor hits the earth and we all turn into zombies, we will instinctively gravitate to Wal-Mart.  Shoppers waiting in long check-out lines  will be easy pickin’s.   In the event of a meteor-related disaster, avoid Wal-Mart.  Write that down somewhere, so you will remember.

*Also, don’t try to do doughnuts in your SUV.  Just don’t.   Write that down too.

*Several Persia Utility District customers lost water today after a main line was accidentally punctured as (other) workers tried to bury cable.   The ladies in the main office say it might be awhile before the issue is resolved.  In lay terms this means – suck some snow, honey, and don’t hold your breath.  We’re pushing up on three hours without water now, which is fine.   I’m pleased to have heat… and somewhat relieved that the pipes aren’t frozen on my end and/or I didn’t forget to pay the bill.


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