On the Partisan Playground

Democrat Girl:  (watching the Kids’ Inaugural on Disney Channel.)  “Ohmigosh! Look. There’s Obama’s big daughter.  She loves the Jonas Brothers!  Hey, look!  Obama’s little daughter has curly hair like me!  We look alike.  Don’t we?  We’re both so cute.  Oh, I’m so excited.  This is a histor-ree-cal monument!  Oooh look, there’s Mee-shell Obama!  I love Mee-shell Obama. Be quiet, Brubby.  I’m trying to watch this monument.  Be quiet.  MOMMY!  Tell him to be quiet!  HE’S MESSIN’ UP MY MONUMENT!!”


Nine-Year-Old GOP Boy: (channel surfing during commercial for commemorative History Victory Obama plate): “Oh yeah? If he’s so new and improved, how come you can’t microwave his plate?”


This is going to a very loooong years four eight years.


One thought on “On the Partisan Playground

  1. heh heh, that ‘dialog’ between those two sure sounds like the adult version of the ‘debate’ about the new President i have heard for some time now.

    great to have your words and views to read again following the hiatus.

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