Fulmer Out. Next Question: Who’s In?

Here it is. The moment you’ve all been screaming for:

UT Coach Phillip Fulmer and the University of Tennessee have reached an agreement that this will be Fulmer’s last season at Tennessee, ESPN.com and WBIR contributor Chris Low reports. Fulmer is expected to make an announcement at a 5 p.m. press conference.

From UT Sports:

The press conference is closed to the public. Satellite coordinates are Horizons II Transponder K11 12120 Horizontal. The feed will be available beginning at 4:45 p.m. UTSports.com also will live stream both audio and video of today’s press conference.

The hubby, who has been in favor of firing Fulmer since `00, predicted this would happen in `08 because ticket sales had completely tanked to the point we couldn’t give ours away without offering folks gas money to get to Knoxville – and UT values their ticket sales more than they ever did Phil.

Meanwhile, though I’m not opposed to getting rid of Fulmer, I predict UT fans will remain unhappy because with or without Fulmer, we suck this year. We just do. It happens. And I am skeptical that a new coach can ride in and turn it around in a season or two. Nevertheless, we are so accustomed to believing we are great, when we clearly aren’t, we need to blame someone for our lack of greatness and will only accept the truth after we eliminate those we blame one by one.

Well, so be it. Next Question: if Phil’s out, who’s in? There’s no shortage of interesting notions out there and can I just say: if they are able to snag that 64-year-old Cock Spurrier (which I think is unlikely) this may turn out to be one of those “Be Careful What You Wish For” life lessons.


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