Northeast Tennessee Will Stay Red For A Good Long While Yet…

Ms. Diva came home proudly wearing her “I voted today” sticker.

Her primary school held a mock election. She cast her vote for Obama – because, she says: “He’s brown and I’m brown.”

She was less than pleased when McCain won.
Of course, I can’t say I’m surprised.

Two weeks ago, Mr. Smartypants’ 9-year-old friend informed me that I should vote for McCain because some people say Obama doesn’t believe in God – and that could be very bad for our country.  She also tells me that – no matter what – she will never become a stripper because strippers are inappropriate.

The thing is: growing up Northeast Tennessee means her odds of becoming a stripper are way higher than the odds of her becoming a Democrat.


5 thoughts on “Northeast Tennessee Will Stay Red For A Good Long While Yet…

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  2. I take exception to this comment.

    I am from Hawkins County in Northeast, Tennessee.

    I’ve done 510 campaigns, for Democrats only, all across America.

    I elected the only Democrat to ever come from the Senate District One until he turned his back on the Democrats who raised him and became a Republican … and yes, I am talking about Rusty Crowe … who worked for Governor Ned McWherter and worked in a Democratic administration and was elected AS A DEMOCRAT before going over to the dark side.

    Change is coming … to East Tennessee and everywhere else.

    ETSU Class of 1980

  3. But, Bill, one of the best men ever to go to Nashville, Ken Givens, was once a Republican, so you Dems have come out on the best end after all. Ken Givens is known and respected all over this state.

  4. statistically most strippers are democrats though…(and no i don’t any stats to back that up). so if you are lucky you may end up getting both. lol

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