Over, Done, Finished

The last presidential debate aired last night. The pundits have spoken.  The pollster have polled.  I think John McCain did well.  He was sufficiently scary when talking about the evils of big government and the redistribution of wealth.

So, the only question remaining in the minds of American voters now is: Will Will.i.am perform at the Inauguration?  Because unless Obama gets caught naked with four hookers and one of them is a plumber named Joe – this thing is over.


9 thoughts on “Over, Done, Finished

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  2. go barack –

    seeing mccain and all of his facial tics did not help his cause – he may have done better before the age of television debates. (he was of age then). i know those things aren’t supposed to matter but i think they seep their way into our psyches anyhow.

  3. You love this, don’t you, Ben? Because you are a closet socialist (pretend as though I said that with contempt and disdain.)

  4. that last line was better than any one-liner McCain/Obama offered at their Comedy Dinner last night.

    although i did like this line Obama offered: “I was not born in a manger,” he said, adding the name Barack, given by his Kenyan father, was Swahili for “that one.”

  5. The only way i would ever cast a vote for a pro-cd to the point the baby could somehow be communicated with to see if he/she wished to live or die. So i think my party choice is clear here. However, with Cindy McCain being such a classic beauty and their having all the money they need to spend on their appearances, i am surprised John didn’t get a little work done on himself as Joe did. He really could have used a chemical peel, a $300 haircut, and some eyebrow management before all this started.

    Just a very shallow observance by myself…

  6. Obviously i deleted part of my above post, and i am not sure how i did that. i intended it to read, “The only way i would ever cast a vote for a pro-choice candidate would be if medical science progressed to the point the baby could be communicated with to see if he/she wished to live or to die.”

  7. carolynn’s views on communications via science with a baby reminds me of a line from a Bob Dylan tune:

    “I was born here and I’ll die here against my will.”

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