Holy Crap…

Dolores Gresham, Republican candidate for the 26th District state senate race, apparently has a new campaign slogan.  According to the Donkey’s Mouth, Gresham distributed “How Would Jesus Vote?” buttons at her campaign stop in Pickwick last Thursday.

Eh, it isn’t a new slogan.  It was popular among Bush supporters in `04.  So, it’s possible Gresham just got a great deal on button overruns…  Okay, probably not.  Most likely, the button is intended to serve as a tiny tin reminder of the importance of morality, character and lack of sin (as can be proven by public record, photographic evidence or statements made by former in-laws.)  This would help Gresham go after the religious-portion of the population without stooping so low as to call her opponent an evil former fornicator… which would be uncivilized.

For the record though, Jesus wouldn’t vote in a Tennessee Election.  He’d encounter difficulty when attempting register because He lacks proof of US citizenship and a photo ID.  Also, due to his undocumented status, tendency to wear a dress and walk around in hippie sandals saying “liberal-type” stuff,  he’d get picked on by Tennessee’s Conservative  Democrats and the Republicans. At which point, He would probably get to work smiting politicians on both sides of the aisle while he listened to this song.


One thought on “Holy Crap…

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