Officiating Local Elections: I Call A Technical Foul!

It’s no secret that State Senator Mike Williams has support from (as Tony Shipley says) “the opposition party.” Hell, he’s been endorsed by the Opposition Governor and his campaign finance reports have more opposition connections than the address book in Gray Sasser’s Blackberry.

I’ve found, however, most voters don’t give a rat’s ass about “opposition” politics. They could care less who supports Williams or what party is sending him money. They just like him. Period. End of story. As a result, the Senator has quite a bit of support from Republican and Independent voters too.

That is precisely why I found this unnecessary:

The embattled 4th District Republican state Senate nominee, Mike Faulk, doesn’t appreciate that Mark Brown, the Democratic Senate spokesman, provided a Kingsport paper with opposition research on him regarding his former legal practice:

(h/t Kleinheider)

Apparently, the document titled “A Criminal’s Best Friend” alleges Faulk worked to reduce a child molester’s jail term; helped a client get a reduced sentence and probation for driving under the influence with a 16-month-old baby in his car; and “procured probation” for an eventual career criminal who had been arrested for having 35 marijuana plants on his property.

Yes, that’s all bad and probably true… but if you’re an attorney (even one court-appointed to a criminal defendant) aren’t you obligated to provide the best defense possible for that person? Our criminal justice system guarantees a right to a fair trail: a fair trial requires competent counsel even for the bad guy, right? So, technically, if there’s anyone at fault in the cases cited, it would not be Mike Faulk – but the prosecution (whom by the way, if the cases were tried in Hawkins County would’ve have been a Democrat – jus’ sayin’.)

So, I think slamming a lawyer for defending defendants is almost as illogical as trying to smear a fireman for playing with hoses or an obstetrician for looking at cooters. I mean – it sounds bad, but it’s just part of the job. Therefore, I call a technical foul here. And I think Williams would do well to remind his supporters what the penalties are for technical fouls due to unsportsmanlike conduct.


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