Not Coming to America…

A very jubilant Cousin Marie send me a link to this Associated Press report claiming that illegal immigration declines as the economy falters – along with a comment “Ha! It’s about damn time.”

The report is based largely upon these findings from the Pew Hispanic Center. Regarding the population estimates, the PHC states:

There could be a number of possible causes, including a slowdown in U.S. economic growth that has had a disproportionate impact on foreign-born Latino workers, at the same time that economic growth in Mexico and other Latin American countries has been stable. Another factor could be a heightened focus on enforcement of immigration laws, which a recent Pew Hispanic Center survey indicates has generated worry among many Hispanics.

So, let me get this straight. The decline (or actually the lack of any statistically significant increase) in folks coming to America is because (a) we’re economically screwed (b) most of the employers, which were here, are moving there and last but not least (c) we are historically suspicious of people who do not talk like us, look like us or eat our food. Therefore, when too many of them appear in our towns and cities, we start making special efforts to count them and then form law enforcement departments just for the purposes of  deporting them.

Well, I mean… if you can be thrilled about something like that: then congratu-freaking-lations dumbass. Have a big ol’ bowl of celebratory store-brand Ramen noodles on me.


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