Fall Faceoffs: Politics and Football

I’d never thought about it until Katie pointed it out – but there are similarities between a political junkie’s obsession over the upcoming Palin v. Biden debate and a Vol fan’s obsession with the UT v. Bama game.

Both events are highly anticipated.  Both will be televised.  Both will require beer.  Both will inspire watch parties and likely lead to cursing.  Both will be interupted by phone calls from friends and family members, who want to know: “OH MY GOD! DID YOU SEE/HEAR THAT?” and/or to announce in a sing-song voice “Too bad your team/party sucks.”

Overall though, I agree with Katie.  Tonight’s debate is the real match-up for the Fall Season – if only because Palin has a better chances of scoring on Biden than UT does on Bama.


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