Be Nice to Obama or be arrested?

When the Obama campaign bought up Google ads on searches such as “Obama muslim” “Obama Islam” and “Obama birth certificate” – I thought, ‘Hey, what an effective way to fight a smear campaign! He’s so smart and high-tech!”‘

When anti-Obama blogs were locked-down by Google, I was a little uncomfortable, but then I thought, ‘There’s no way Obama could organize such an effort.  It’s probably a glitch…’

When Barack Obama’s campaign sent out threatening letters to block this smear ad from networks and requested that the Department of Justice launch an investigation, again I was uncomfortable but I thought `Well, Harold Simmons is eccentric (this is what they call crazy people who are also excessively rich) and a known swift-boat backer, so I can understand why Obama’s campaign over-reacted.

But Obama threatening the licenses of TV stations that run NRA ads? Well, Instapundit and The Bitch Girls say it’s so and have documentation to prove it.  ADD to this, the Governor of Missouri had to issue a statement on alleged plans by U.S. Senator Barack Obama to use Missouri law enforcement to threaten and intimidate his critics.

Is this a preview of the change Obama promises to bring? Be nice or be arrested, locked-down, intimidated, threatened or otherwise silenced?  If he can’t take the heat now, what happens when he’s elected to the kitchen?

Folks, at this point, I’ve moved way beyond discomfort, and I have no excuses left.  I’d go buy one of Tam‘s “No Thanks, Keep the Change” merchandise… if only it hadn’t gotten pulledtwice because it might have infringed on trademark and copyright policies.  (Copyright infringement will only be condoned if logo is used in support of the Obama campaign.)

Anyway, here’s the NRA ad, which inspired the team of Obama attorneys to go forth and write nasty letters. As you will see, it’s very different from Obama’s ads, which are ever so truthful.


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