Pantyhose, Coattails and Ramsey’s Spin

Photo by Mark DeWitte

Last week, Mike Williams skipped into town with Governor Phil Bredesen. The pair stopped by the Hale Springs Inn to officially announce a transportation enhancement grant in the amount of $168,000 for phase two of the Inn restoration project. (Jeff Bobo’s video report on the visit is here.)

A day prior to the visit, the National Rifle Association endorsed Williams… you know, despite the fact that Faulk is an active member of the Holston Valley Sportsman’s Club, long-time NRA member, former chairman of the Holston River Chapter of Ducks Unlimited and writes for several hunting and fishing publications. I assume this happened because NRA prefers incumbents or they heard Faulk exceeded um… bag limits.

Of Republican coattails, Ramsey said:

Ramsey said. “These seats are in places that McCain will do well in. We can’t depend on coattails, but you take every advantage you can get.

Uh, what advantage? There are two Presidential debates left.  Most voters will be heading to the polls angry, broke and with their gas tanks half-empty. Unless things go differently than I expect or something major changes before November 4 – state and local candidates aren’t going to ride to victory on McCain’s coattails.  They’re more likely to be strangled to death by Palin’s pantyhose.


One thought on “Pantyhose, Coattails and Ramsey’s Spin

  1. In the left hand corner are two of my favorite guys, and two of Rogersville’s best friends ever, Ken and Mike. And i love having a preservationist as my governor.

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