Oh, the things we could buy…

Am I the only person who thinks that spending 3 million dollars to ready the Belmont campus for a Presidential Debate is crazy? I understand wanting the bathrooms to be clean and the need to create a place to park the media… but 3 million dollars?

Think of all the things you could buy with three million dollars. I thought of designer shoes, fishing lures and beer – but hey, I’ve never claimed to be righteous and noble in my thoughts. So you imagine instead scholarships, lab equipment, new technology… or poor, starving children and homeless folks.

A few years from now, do you think anyone is going to look back and say: “Oh My Gosh, remember that presidential debate in 2008 or was it 2007? You know – the one at that college in Tennessee where Obama debated… um… that older white guy he was running against… uh… the one who picked that Sarah Palin lady from Alaska to be his running mate…. oh what was his name? Well, I can’t remember his name. But anyway… I remember the college campus and that banner and those marigolds were Fab-U-lous!’


One thought on “Oh, the things we could buy…

  1. not just shoes but handbags as well 🙂
    I wish there would be real campaign reform you have X amount of dollars to spend in each state equally-it is grotesque the amounts of money that are flying around it could provide health care for everybody, save social security, funds schools pay off the national debt…the possibilities are endless. And no I am not holding my breath or anything

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