Local Politics: On the Ballot

WRGS Radio in Rogersville has an online roster for the Nov. 4 game race.

After looking it over, I’ve learned some things I didn’t know before:

(1) Mike Faulk, the Church Hill attorney and candidate for 4th district state senate seat, lives in Kingsport. In fact, he’s on the far side of the [Holston] Ordnance. So, technically, if he walked over to the river and jumped in, he wouldn’t be eligible to run in this district. Not that I’m recommending he go jump in a river, I’m just making an observation on geography – that’s all.

(2) Chris Lugo did not drop out the (US Senate) race. I thought he had. Of course, since the vast majority of people here have never heard of him or think he’s a county music back-up singer, I’m not sure it matters one way or the other.

(3) The forgotten Rogersville City School Board seats, which the entire town got their grannies panties twisted over and demanded an expensive special election to be held immediately, are on the ballot. Seats 1, 2 will be filled by current members (and sole candidates for the seats) Frank Testerman and William E. Phillips II. Seats 3, 4 will be filled by incumbent Reed Matney and newcomer Todd Biggs. With challenger Dan Brooks dropping out of the race, there is no race.

As for the rest of those folks threatening to put their name on the ballot, I guess they realized that seeking a role of leadership and serving the public would seriously cut into their time spent sitting around and complaining to the public about its leadership.


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