Because the Mattress was at Maximum Capacity

The Times-News reports that the Carter County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the theft of $40,000 in cash.  Karen Whaley said the cash had been hidden in a bucket in a shed behind her parent’s residence. The bucket had not been locked or otherwise secured.


4 thoughts on “Because the Mattress was at Maximum Capacity

  1. Augh! I didn’t even understand it from the summary because what it summarized seemed too unlikely, but the article…. boy, I feel for them poor nitwits.

    Money gone since April. Probably what they were saving for retirement no doubt.

    I guess they figured under the mattress inside the house was not a secure place since that’s the first place a thief will look.

  2. In my opinion, when it comes to retirement savings, a JFG Coffee can is always the best the way to go.

    Okay, all joking aside – many older folks squirrel away money in odd places. My grandmother had a distaste for banks and suspected they’d try to steal her money. So, she kept a meager amount in her checking account and upwards of $5000 wrapped in a scarf in her dresser drawer or tucked in her mixing bowls.

    Is it perhaps because they grew up in an era where you could trust your neighbors more than you could your financial institution?


  3. Interesting comment there. I certainly don’t trust financial institutions right now. I trust some of my neighbors, but if I kept cash in a bucket in the shed and someone took it, I wouldn’t think it was one of the trusted neighbors that did it. These sorts of things are really crimes of opportunity. I don’t think we need to have barns or our windows, but on the other hand one of my friends got his house robbed recently, another friend got his house robbed a year ago, another friend got his house robbed a couple years ago. Pretty serious crimes and it’s terrible when someone makes off with grandmother’s heirloom jewelry that was going to eventually going to be passed down to your daughter. Someone stealing a bucket of cash standing where it could easily be tripped over, well gosh.

    You just know that that money is gone for good.

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