TVA Approves Rate Increase

The TVA has approved the proposed rate increase – 20% effective Oct. 1  While amounts will vary across the Tennessee Valley, consumers will see an average increase of $12 to $15 per 1,000 kilowatt-hours.


5 thoughts on “TVA Approves Rate Increase

  1. Coal didn’t get any harder to pull out of the ground.

    I am sure with their 20% they will be providing better health care and safety gear for the miners and not just using the price of oil as an excuse to pad their own bottom line.

  2. Deborah,

    I’d imagine some rate increase is necessary to compensate for rising fuel costs – but 20% is steep. I read somewhere it’s the largest increase since 1974, which I’m sure was a reaction to the oil crisis then.

    Surely whatever is left over after meeting increased operation expenses they will invest in clean air technology and alternative fuel research. Remember Tom Kilgore loves us. At least that’s what I’m going to keep in mind when they’re pulling my meter.

    And where on earth have you been? All is well with you?

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  4. Just busy since it is summer, more garden things to do, less time for computering. I still follow all your posts but I suppose news has been more tranquil, I haven’t gotten worked up enough to make my usual snarky comments. 😉

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