Find Me at the Fair

The Appalachian Fair opens its 82nd year today in Gray, Tennessee.

You’ll find me there on Thursday (which is Family Fun Night: kids are admitted free. Plus, Mz. A is in the Youth Talent Contest.)

Look for me.

I’ll be the one standing on the midway, listening to the rattle and roar of the carnival rides, filled with joy and interest – while holding a camera, two candy apples and something deep fried, trying not to be queasy when the smell of sheep poo and man sweat mingles with the popcorn, ignoring the kids who are whining because they want a balloon/stuffed animal/cotton candy/some other thing… and yet feeling so giddy – so absolutely downright giddy almost as if I could skip and whistle – because I have the opportunity to watch  people crash their cars into each other and perform amazing feats, such as… maybe being shot out of a cannon, which is something I’ve always wanted to do.

No, not be shot out of a cannon but shoot someone out of a cannon. And just in case I am ever trained to shoot people out of a cannon or I happen to come across a cannon at a yard sale, I’m keeping a list of names… you know of people I’d like to shoot… from the cannon, I mean.


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