Striving to Be the Next HBO Movie

According to the Times-News, Ron Ramsey doesn’t think Davis should challenge the primary results.

I agree – but I wonder what Ramsey thinks about Raymond Finney’s recount?

Just guessing here – but the since last thing the Lt. Governor needs is another Senator unwilling to view Democrats as the spawn of Satan, which they aren’t (Naifeh just makes them seem this way.) And considering that Finney’s opponent, Doug Overbey, has a history of voting for non-Republican speakers AND that out of out of 3,556 Hawkins County voters voting in the Republican Primary – only 2439 of those cast their vote for Mike Faulk. (Faulk was running unopposed, which means there were 1117 members of his own party in his home county who did not give him a courtesy vote.) I’ll bet Ramsey secretly supports Finney’s recount… and wishes the state of Tennessee had some method of handicapping political elections that would give Finney a 140 point headstart.

Also related: Davis’ theory might not be complete crap. According to captainkona, “TN420 successfully solicited 116 pledges from Liberals of all stripes (mostly here in Bristol) to vote in the Republican primary for your challenger… [skip] I told you over a year ago, via email, that I would see you out of office in the next election. And that’s exactly what happened. Don’t [expletive that rhymes with duck] with the Left. I’m captainkona, I was instrumental in your loss to Roe, and there’s not one [same expletive + ing] thing you can do about it.”


3 thoughts on “Striving to Be the Next HBO Movie

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  2. Rob,
    I’m surprised you could make any sense out of the post at all, considering the errors. Am I redundant much?

    And I didn’t care for “Recount” the movie. I found it rather soap opera-ish. I kept waiting for the Doctor Tom guy to say – Like sands through the hourglass, so were the days of Al Gore and the butterfly ballot….”


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