David Davis and Sour Grapes

Defeated congressman David Davis, who has been supplementing his post-election diet with massive quantities of sour grapes, has apparently failed to garner any local sympathy or support for his “the Democrats Did It!” act.

So, he’s taking his show on the road.

The Times-News reports the politician has hired a national law firm that has worked on recounts to examine the issue, which according to everyone else is not really an issue.

It does appear there has been some voting irregularities in the Republican primary,” Davis said. “It does appear Tennessee election law may have been violated. We are working with a constitutional law firm to protect the voting rights of Republican primary voters. This is not about David Davis or Phil Roe. This is about the sanctity of the voting process, which must be protected.”

What “Baloney!” This is not about protecting the sanctity of the process. This is about a guy, who doesn’t want to go down in history as the first incumbent Republican to fumble a 1st District election since 1932.

Meanwhile, an estimated 25,000 voters, who actually did support Davis, are now kicking themselves and pretending they voted for Roe. Oh, and blogger Joe Powell has offered a bit of advice on how to deal with the 1st District mess: Vote for Democratic candidate Rob Russell instead.


2 thoughts on “David Davis and Sour Grapes

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  2. Good Lord. David Davis, the ultimate bad sport and crying baby, is contesting a race he lost the SAME WAY HE WON THE ELECTION.

    Let’s be frank, Bill Jenkins won on the cross over vote but David Davis’ lackey, Jim Holcolm objected as the number two man then. When it is all over, Phil Roe will be Congressman, Davis will be a two time loser and all will be right with the world.

    I spoke to 5 out of the 12 that ran in 2006 and they all backed Phil Roe. David Davis is a self-serving, egomaniac. He’s crazy. Get rid of him!

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