Freakin' Out the Locals

It’s reassuring to know the Army stays prepared for terrorist attacks on US soil – but I am a little concerned about the special training exercise that the Army, Wackenhut Services Inc. and Wings Air Rescue in Johnson City conducted at Holston Defense on Saturday.

The Times-News reportsparticipants representing opposition forces (wearing make- shift robes and turbans) wore strapped to their chests fake explosive devices that gave off an audible sound in lieu of explosions. As the insurgents burst out of the surrounding forest, they tossed bottled water like grenades toward soldiers and their comrades-in-training from Wackenhut.”

See for yourself here (head to Times-News for the entire video)

Now, I’m not concerned that the portrayal of the bad guys might be offensive or that I think the headscarf is called a kaffiyeh and not a turban. But I am troubled by the location.

Please tell me this isn’t the gate down by the main road, where people traveling Stone Drive could see the exercise in progress. If so, they probably sent a good 300 East Tennessee mountain folks racing home to fetch their shotgun and tell the neighbors – “They’re here! They’re here! They’re finally here.

Hard telling how many are still holed-up in the root cellar with the canned goods, extra ammo and duct tape.


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