I Blame the Crossovers Too!

At the end of the `07-08 school year, I was approached by the President of the PTA. She encouraged me to seek office for the upcoming school year – and then suggested that I launch a campaign for the Presidency since her term was up.

Although I had made very few contributions to the organization and my role was mostly limited to doing whatever she (the President) told me to do – I was assured that with the Soccer Mom Coalition in my corner, a school staff, who was familiar with my school book fair flyers, and the fact that nobody else wanted the job – the campaign would basically involve me showing up at the PTA meeting and announcing: “Okay, fine – I’ll do it.”

I agreed to think about it.
Then, I forgot the PTA meeting.
I didn’t show up.
Failed to appear.

In my absence, the organization elected my mortal enemy – Other Angie.

Personally, I blame the crossover T-Ball Mom vote.


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