Desaturating Davis?

I am not a supporter of David Davis.  Just in case there’s someone new here, I want to be clear about that.  As a matter of fact, so there can be no misunderstandings – I’ll go ahead and tell you I’m not voting for him this week. There are at least 11,005 reasons why.

Still, when I stumbled across this side-by-side at – it struck me as odd-looking enough to mention.

Perhaps it’s just me but the color seems off.

Davis has the pallor of the creepy guy who refuses to come outdoors and instead spends all his time swatting at imaginary bugs and being suspicious of the microwave.  Roe, on the other hand, seems rosy cheeked and ready to take on Congress.

Now, this is the BHC file photo for Davis: they’ve used it before. So, it wasn’t desaturated for the sake of the side-by-side – but still… here’s a Times-News side-by-side for comparison.

So, what do you think? Bad photo of Davis or bit of media funny business?


6 thoughts on “Desaturating Davis?

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  2. Angelia –

    I wouldn’t call it “funny business,” but I do believe that Davis looks like a drained corpse for a reason.

    Not sure why his staff thought that it was a good idea to go after one of the only media outlets in the 1st District, but this kind of response from the press should be expected.

    The media always has the last word in this country.



  3. I didn’t mean to make my comment sound like Roe hasn’t been meeting with the people of the district. I agree; Roe has been out and about while Davis seems to be hiding somewhere.

  4. Rob,
    You’re absolutely right. Davis’ response to the BAE editorial could have been far less antagonistic, but we both know the “staff” in question was just a kid. Chances are he never thought it was a good idea to go after one of the media outlets: he just didn’t think at all.

    Either way, the publication is less than keen on the Congressman – and since I’ve given Hank Hayes at the Times-News such a hard time for being pro-Davis, it seemed unfair not to point this out.

    To Shawn & Ryan: I think you’re both wrong. One of the things that struck me as “off” about the photos was Roe’s abnormally bright yellow teeth. I’ve met Roe and taken quite a few photos of him myself. I don’t recall ever thinking – whoa, this guy is a stranger to the toothbrush. The discoloration is likely caused by photo editing.

    Again, I don’t know if this was intentional, but if the Herald Courier was attempting to send a message, it was unnecessary for the reasons you’ve both listed.

    Roe has been putting forth major effort while Davis has been absent from the race.


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