Tennessee Terrorist Fist Jab

A reader of the blog sent me this rather shocking photo of Tennessee Sens Tim Burchett and Jamie Woodson. The photo is dated March 17, 2008, which would predate the Obamas’ knuckle bump.

While we’ve examined this gesture in general, I think we must now ask: does it mean something different when white Southern Republicans do it? Something sinister perhaps? Is it evidence of a conspiracy? Racism? Is this a secret greeting performed by conservatives out to take over the world? The state? Should we be troubled? Angry? Concerned? Shall I call in a body language expert to analyze?

Perhaps – but only if I get extremely bored, run out of things to blog about, have been drinking heavily and therefore decide it’d be a good idea to make something out of nothing… kinda like Fox News did.


3 thoughts on “Tennessee Terrorist Fist Jab

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