Hawkins County Library System welcomes new Director

Hawkins County welcomes Kristin White as the new director of the Hawkins County Library System. White replaces Ann Fields, who will relocate with her husband to Franklin, Massachusetts.

White, who is originally from East Tennessee, moved to the Hancock, NY area seven years ago. She served as director of the Roscoe Free Library in New York. She has a bachelor’s degree from East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN and is currently working on her Masters of Library and Information Science.

Joel Spears has more…  And I really should return my overdue library books, so I don’t get off on the wrong foot with the new librarian.


5 thoughts on “Hawkins County Library System welcomes new Director

  1. I gather that you are associated with the Rogersville Library.

    According to the will, dated 12-15-1831 of Moses Ball (1748 – c. 1832), he left land on Beech Creek Road in Hawkins County to his children and grandchildren. A google map search has revealed no Beech Creek Road in Hawkins County, indicating that either it has been renamed, or that it no longer exists.

    Can you direct me to a source which would allow me to find the physical location of this land, which was owned by my ancestors for at least three generations?

    Thanks for you help.

    John McDaniel

  2. John, the way you do those searches is to start with the deed from way back, then work forward at the records room of the courthouse. Realize that deeds only cite backwards in time, not forwards, so for very old deeds you have to do a brute force search using the index books, looking through thousands of names of deed transfers every year to find when the property was sold or divided, then you start again. Eventually, after about between 20 and 300 hours of research (depending on how lucky you are) you find the current parcel owner, then you take that info to the tax office and they look up the deed card and show you where it is now.

    This old information is not on the computer and it will never be on the computer, you’ll be doing a manual search, or paying someone to do it. There is no way to find the current location without someone visiting the courthouse, and if it’s not yourself, it can cost thousands of dollars to have it done. Even for a 20 year title search, which starts in the present and is at least 1000 times easier, an attorney will charge $400 for the search.

  3. Alternatively, the Balls are still in this county, so call a couple of them at random in the phone book, tell them what you’re doing, and they’ll very likely know who in their family does the genealogy. That person will likely know everything and may even have been to the original land site. You can also tell sometimes looking at addresses in the phone book what part of the county the family is centered around and that will tell you where they are.

    My advice above was more if the family is no longer present in a county, but with the Balls that’s not the case, so try that first.

  4. By the way, here is a house for sale on Beech Creek Road in Hawkins County, so you probably didn’t spend enough time on google, I found this instantly without even looking:


    (The price they are asking is crazy – $425k for 125 acres of mountain land and a small house, the current 2008 appraisal value on that property is $226,300 and they bought it for $25,000 only 19 years ago.)

    Beech Creek is also known as highway 347, and it’s listed as Beech Creek Road on google maps, it seems to me you weren’t trying too hard my friend!

  5. Mr. McDaniel,
    Was wondering if you found Beech Creek Road…I grew up just across the mountain from Beech Creek. Moses Ball was my 4th great grandfather.
    Kim Ball Miller

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