Potluck Supper Politician

Kleinheider reported a few days ago:

Director of the Legislature’s Office of Administration Connie Fredrick confirms to Post Politics that Democratic Senators John Wilder, Jim Kyle and Doug Jackson have transferred $6000, $7,000 and $5, 000 respectively to the account of Senator Mike Williams.

Mike Williams, a former Republican, is the Senate’s lone independent member and locked in an epic reelection struggle against Republican Mike Faulk.

Mrs. J, who is a long-time Williams supporter and Post Politics reader, called on Saturday terribly upset about the news.  Apparently, (1) she didn’t get those Williams mailers and feels slighted and (2) she plans to hit the Senator with her pocketbook next time she sees him because, in her opinion, it was stupid of him to take the money.

Yeah, it was.  It gives the Republicans an opportunity to sound the “See, We Told You He’s One of Them” alarm and point out that Mike Williams is campaigning on your dime.  However, in regards to the Democratic Senators helping the Senator formerly known as a Republican: I cannot imagine why anyone would be surprised by the news.

The state senate is split 16-16-1 with Independent Williams being the wild card.  If Republicans manage to get Faulk elected to Senate, they will most likely take the majority.  Meanwhile, Democrats throughout the state of Tennessee understand they’d have a better chance of sucking Popsicles in Hell before taking the 4th District seat.  Williams, who doesn’t do the lockstep march with the party, is the best shot they’ve got at not getting steamrolled.

And Williams thought little about taking the money because he sucks at modern day politickin’.  He doesn’t think strategically.  (If he did, he would have never left the party.  He would’ve overstayed his welcome making it a  bit more difficult for the GOP to toss their full support behind Faulk.)  He doesn’t have campaign communications.  He’s not the greatest at building networks of support.  He’s never had any interest in fund raising.

Bottom line: Williams is an old-fashioned potluck supper politician, always has been and always will be.  And  in the end, no matter how nice Williams is, what he’s done, or how much we all claim to hate the big dogs, his inability to hang will likely get him porched.


6 thoughts on “Potluck Supper Politician

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  2. Who cares if some Democratic senators gave Williams money? If he’s a good senator with a good message, what difference does it make? And besides, the Republicans were already saying he was really a Democrat anyway. Five bucks says 99 percent of the district will never hear about this silliness – and half the 1 percent that does won’t care. Anyone that does was already voting for Faulk.

  3. Voters will be much more concerned with where Faulk’s money is coming from than with the less than $20,000 given Sen. Williams by his longtime colleagues.

    For Pete’s sake, don’t you think the Nashville Dems know Sen. Williams won’t toe their party line?

  4. Carolynn – Do voters know that Faulk has this much money or that they should be concerned about where it comes from and what types of strings might be attached?

    See, the point is Williams doesn’t have people running around pointing out the problems with his opponent or sending out mass emails about Faulk’s financing among other things. I’m told he probably won’t because he tends to avoid negative campaigning.

    Meanwhile, the GOP is throwing everything they’ve got and then some at Williams in order to discredit him. Personally, I can’t find anything in his record to justify the attacks- and maybe I’m not looking in the right place.

    However, based on what I see, they’re going after him with both barrels simply because he refuses to use his vote for collective leverage and won’t kneel down to Ron Ramsey. These are both things which affect the district very little and shouldn’t matter to us.

    Therefore, if Williams loses the election: it won’t be because he was a bad senator or a bad guy – but because the Republicans outmaneuvered him with the very things we claim to hate about politics: money and connections.

  5. And i totally agree with what you are saying. Senator Williams probably WON’T campaign negatively. You know Ken never would either. Maybe it costs votes, but at least you keep your self-respect.

    In my opinion the scary things about Mike F. are his money trail, which you have brilliantly uncovered, and another matter which just cannot be mentioned. And Senator Williams is too much a gentleman to do so. He and i have already had that discussion.

    In my opinion the scary thing about the local Republican party is that they truly, truly, truly do not see how they are being used. Ramsey is hot on Senator Williams’ trail because our senator simply is not a bootlicker and never will be. And our local party doesn’t get the fact that Ramsey wants us to kick out our very effective, consensus-building senator to aid Ramsey in his pursuit of the governorship.

    Senator Williams will begin campaigning soon. It won’t be ugly, but it will be factual and effective. He does have campaign plans.

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