Davis would druther stay home and count his PAC Money

According to a press release from [Phil] Roe’s Campaign

Embattled incumbent David Davis has refused to participate in the Johnson City Press Congressional Candidate Forum, which was to take place at the Johnson City Public Library on Tuesday, June 24, 2008 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Ironically, a press release on David Davis’ website “challenges Congressional candidates to step out and debate the issues” and “meet with me… for a serious of debates to take place in each county across the district.”

Roe continued, “I have accepted Mr. Davis’ challenge, but David has changed his mind. Why did he do that? I guess I’d be too busy to debate if I thought I’d have to face the music concerning more than 300 contributions from special interest groups like big oil and big tobacco. If David has nothing to be ashamed of, why would he flip-flop on his own debate challenge?”

Eh, Phil’s parting shot was unnecessary… and it appears Davis has removed the `06 challenge from his website.

Tsk, tsk, bit slow to catch on over there, aren’t they? Cache:

David Davis Challenges All Republican First District Congressional Candidates

Apr 6, 2006 —

David Davis, candidate for the Republican nomination for the First Congressional District House seat, today challenged all Republican candidates to a series of debates.

Representative Davis stated: “It is time for all of the Republican candidates for the First Congressional District House seat to step out and debate the issues. I challenge all of my opponents to meet with me for a series of open and honest debates. He continued: “I would like for this debate to take place in each county across the District.”

“The history of our election process in the First District shows us that debates have been a vital part of educating the voters to the issues and the stand of the candidates on those issues. These debates that I am proposing will help the voters to get to really know the candidates. I hope that each of the candidates will accept my challenge and work with my campaign to make these debates a reality”, Davis concluded.

pdf. screenshot: david-davis-challenges-all-republican-first-district-congress


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