Good sign for Rep. Mike Harrison

The locals gathered around a “vote for me” sign yesterday, scratching their heads and saying:

“Richard Who? Gabriel? Never heard of him.”
“Hey, ain’t that Mike’s spot?”
“He is something or another in Mount Carmel.”
“No, that fellow.”
“We could stick it [the sign] over yonder out of the way.”
“Ain’t it illegal to move`em?”
“Only if somebody is actually going to vote for them.”

Gabriel, who ran unsuccessfully for Tennessee State Senate, District 3, in 1998 and 2002 will face Lewis Hopkins Jr.  of Sneedville in the democratic primary.  Hopkins is a former candidate for United States House, District 1, Tennessee in 2004 and Tennessee State House of Representatives, District 9 in 2006.

In November, Harrison (who defeated Hopkins in `06 by 4690 votes) will face the winner along with Independent candidate Leonard Merritt of Rogersville.  No, the locals don’t know who he is either but they think he might be “that guy out in Pressmen’s Home who works on cars… or maybe paints stuff.”

Also popping up all over the county are Mike Faulk and David Davis’ dang-near billboard-sized signs. It seems most of these have been intentionally placed in areas where one cannot go barrelling through the signs in their Toyota at a high rate of speed leaving behind nothing but a trail of manic laughter and a pile of debris…. not that I’ve fantasized about doing that or anything.


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