well damn it

This photo is entitled “Ms. Diva has a giant ear/eye/sinus infection, which I suspect is related to her tendency to walk around and lick things at random, despite the fact that I tell her, don’t walk around licking things at random because those random things are very nasty and will cause your tongue to rot off. So, earlier today, we took a trip to the pediatrician’s office and then to the pharmacy. Altogether, I spent $357… but all I got was 2 minutes with the doc and a bottle of [bleep] [bleep] Augmentin and teeny tiny [bleep] [bleep] eye [bleeeep, bleep] drops. Seriously, 3ml at about $18 a ml, which I might understand if this were a rare drug, made from fermented microorganisms found only in the sperm of a rare Peruvian speckled jellyfish… but I don’t think it is because I just made that up and I don’t even know if jellyfish have sperm. And the worse part is – I have health insurance with prescription drug coverage. In fact, I talked with my Lumenos rep earlier today, whom, as far as I’m concerned, can just [censored] and [bleep] and his [bleep] piece of [bleep] a [bleep] and his mother too. So, [censored] and the horse he rode in on.

Of course, that’s a long title for a photo. I thought it might just be easier to call it – “Well damn it.”


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