McCain's Amex not like mine

Interesting tidbit over at Huffington Post.

As The Hill reported this morning, based on disclosure reports released today, Sen. John McCain and his wife Cindy owe at least $100,000 to American Express, with a “dependent child” also holding a card with a balance between $15,000 and $50,000.

But not all credit card debts are created equal. In fact, according to a prior disclosure form filed in May that was provided to The Huffington Post, a significant amount of the McCains’ credit card debt is being held by American Express at an interest rate of zero percent — making their debt a lot less like the costly credit card pitfalls facing many Americans and a lot more like the big sweetheart loans that can get national political figures in hot water.


4 thoughts on “McCain's Amex not like mine

  1. Well, first you marry a rich boy and then you get elected to Senate… or vice versa. Next, you… Oh, let’s face it. There’s no way I’m ever going to be rich or powerful enough to know these things.

  2. Oh! So if you are already married to somebody not so rich, you would have to start by abandoning them. Especially if they are disabled or anything like that, that would just be a dead weight dragging down the whole zero percent lifestyle pursuit. Then, having gotten rid of the old ball and chain, one would be free to find that rich boy or vice versa and get me them cards.

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