Mitchell apologizes for offending rednecks…

Andrea Mitchell of NBC News has apologized for appearing on MSNBC and blubbering about Obama’s visit to Bristol, calling Bristol a real redneck area sort of bordering on Appalachia country… (by Appalachia country, she means on over into Tennessee where us Deliverance type people live.)

J. Todd Foster called Mitchell on the insulting remark. I ignored it.

Why bother getting all worked up about it?

I mean after we went to all that trouble of making sure East Tennessean didn’t go over there dipping skoal, picking banjos or clinging bitterly to their guns and religion: after we talked to all of the inbred cousins about how it’s not good manners to take out your false teeth at a political event and wipe them on your shirt, after we really made an effort here – and we still can’t smarten up our image?

Then again, do we really care what Mitchell, who (a) has been considered somewhat of a ditz since the whole Valerie Plame mess and (b) has obviously suffered some type of adverse reaction to her Botox injection, which affects her ability to um… speak in sorta… well… you know… complete uh… well sentences, thinks?


One thought on “Mitchell apologizes for offending rednecks…

  1. Rednecks in Bristol? I thought that was hillbilly country. I hate when people get the two mixed up.

    But, to be serious for a moment, I tell Northerner friends that the reality is ten times worse than in Deliverance. Otherwise, they come for a visit, start talking about how pretty it is in Tennessee and the land so cheap, and the next thing you know there’s another one of them down here talking about how if only we had zoning everything would be perfect and if only we had this and that government service everything would be perfect and if only this and if only that.

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