Outsiders Inn

Bobby Brown, the former bad boy of R&B, is hanging out in Newport, TN with Marsha Brady and the daughter of a Beach Boy.

No, I haven’t been smoking crack.  Here’s the report.


3 thoughts on “Outsiders Inn

  1. Oh, they are going to go into business together to run a bed and breakfast in Newport.

    Well, I will bet $100 it will make 10 times more money than the Hale Springs Inn before Maureen McCormick decides to shut it down because it’s not profitable.

    Now if my prediction turns out to be correct, what does that say about our own Inn.

  2. Marsha! Marsha! Marsha! Why does it always have to be Marsha?

    Deb, No comment on the Inn. I was behind the renovation from the get-go… and I’ve been standing back here for awhile now. Tapping my foot. Looking at the watch.

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