Hawkins County Mayor Says Talk of Tax Increase Premature: Wait a Week

Bad news.  Hawkins County Mayor Crockett Lee tells the TImes-News the general fund is facing an estimated deficit of a half million dollars.  A more concrete deficit figure is pending completion of budget hearings at the end of this week, although the county school system isn’t expected to submit their 2008-09 budget proposal until July.

“We’re going to whittle away what we can, but whether or not we can whittle all the way (to a balanced budget) is yet to be determined,” Lee said. “Everybody wants to look at making ends meet rather than go back to ask for more tax dollars.  It’s too premature to talk about that yet.”

Oh, but we will talk about it eventually.  We always do.  Hawkins County Commissioners have approved property tax increases for four years running (last August there was a .25 cent hike) and here we are again.


3 thoughts on “Hawkins County Mayor Says Talk of Tax Increase Premature: Wait a Week

  1. Well… I’m actually expecting them to revisit a 2006 notion for generating revenue but didn’t want to mention it – lest I be the one to jog their memory. Either way, this budget year ain’t gonna be pretty.

    Thing is – due to increased cost of services, fuel, and otr. supplies: most cities and counties are seeking new revenue or relying heavily on reserves. So, a tax hike might have been justified, maybe even understandable, this go around… the thing that makes it less so is the fact that we’ve hiked taxes four years running and still haven’t managed to find solid ground.

    Tsk, Tsk, where is all this conservative fiscal management for which Republicans are supposed to be known?

  2. They need to have the balls to cut the things that are going to create a lot of hysteria. And I don’t mean the library, the school system is overspending. The jail project seems to be water under the bridge at this point, but those MORONS are 100% to blame for this fiasco themselves, never mind the price of gas.

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