Things Men Never Outgrow: Hissy Fits

According to the Times-Free Press, Tennessee Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker have struck a retaliatory blow at Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid, who blocked the reappointment of two Republicans to the TVA board.

In a procedural move pouty mood late Thursday night, the Tennessee lawmakers objected to one of Sen. Reid’s appointments to the Institute of Peace, a protest of his refusal to allow votes on TVA nominees Bishop William Graves and Susan Richardson Williams.

In doing so, the senators prevented a slate of 80 appointments, including President Bush’s nomination of Steve Preston as secretary of Housing and Urban Development, from being voted on by the full chamber.

“I dislike very much having to do this, but the Democratic leader left me no choice,” Sen. Alexander said.

Then, claiming Reid was “no-fair” Lamar is rumored to have stomped off, scowling and threatening to hold his breath until he got his TVA people appointed. Meanwhile Corker was overheard saying he wasn’t gonna be Reid’s friend anymore….

Reid’s anticipated response:

All three lawmakers are expected to serve a time out on Monday.


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