Saying Goodbye to Folks We'll Remember

Mr. Smartypants leaves his primary school this year and moves on to the elementary school with strange spaces and new faces.

Of course, it seems to me as though it’s been a week or so ago since he was a very frightened little boy, who marched down the hall for clutching the hand of Ms. Rita ready to face his first full day of Kindergarten. But time moves slower when you’re young. As far as he’s concerned, he’s spent a lifetime walking down the hall holding Ms. Rita’s hand and having her cheer him on when he falls, fails, or is just in a rotten mood.

So, he cried yesterday after his graduation hug from Ms. Rita.

Leaving behind your first memorable friend is another tiny transition in this steady progression from child to grown-up, and I know he’ll leave behind many more before it’s all said and done. Still, it’s never fun saying goodbye or watching kids struggle with the fact that time marches on and change happens.

We always move forward: and sometimes there’s not room to take everyone we know…. we do not, however, forget them.

Thank You, Ms. Rita, for three wonderful years.


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