Ya'll Get the Buckets: Clem'll Get the Military Surplus

The AJC reports that among the mass of bills signed by Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue on Wednesday was a directive from the Legislature, urging him to pursue negotiations with Tennessee over the 35th parallel.

The resolution directs Perdue to pursue talks with Tennessee — and authorizes the governor to take the matter to the U.S. Supreme Court, if he chooses to do so.

The entire matter is now up to him, though funding for a lawsuit would probably require additional legislative approval. But by signing the measure, Perdue has — in effect — endorsed the border war.

The governor signed the measure in a private ceremony — the better to avoid pesky questions about a gun bill and line item vetoes of Paulding County construction projects.

Attending were Sen. David Shafer, sponsor of the resolution, state Rep. Harry Geisinger (R-Sandy Springs) and Dade County Commission Chairman Ben Brandon.

Why a Dade County commission chairman? Because if this tactic is successful and Georgia is allowed to slip a straw into the Tennessee River, that’s the county through which the pipeline would pass.

Report here.

The Athens Banner Herald said of the resolution:

In taking the unnecessary step of actually signing the resolution, Gov. Perdue has made public the fact that this quixotic quest for water – which conveniently ignores the long-held legal principle that the determining factor for a boundary is where it has commonly been accepted to be, and not necessarily where it does, or should, appear on a map – remains an official part of this state’s strategy for meeting at least some of its water needs. And, in the bargain, he’s opened the entire state to ridicule.

No official response from Tennessee yet, but Uncle Clem, who is a life-long Tennessean, said of the border war:

I ain’t never in my life heard such ridiculonosity. Anybody with a lick of sense knows ain’t no such thing as a pert neart 200 hunnert year old border dispute. Ain’t nothing to dispute. It is where it lies. Only a lawyer could turn that into a dispute. I tell you what, iye Gawd, we oughta just do this thing the old fashioned way and put an end to it right now. Jus’ call over there and tell `em border-hoppin, sawed-off, peach-suckin ‘summa!@#! to bring it on. I got summin’ for em when they get here. Yeah boy. You tell `em we can whup them and that ugly ass bulldog too. That’s what I say about it.”

Heh. I love Uncle Clem.


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