Fairness is What Justice Really Is

According to the Times-News, since April 1, the Tennessee Highway Patrol has received one warning and two actual speeding citations thanks to Mount Carmel’s new photo speed enforcement system.

The Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office has received four speeding warnings from Mount Carmel.

And on Wednesday evening, Mount Carmel Police Department Officer Ken Lunsford received a speeding ticket from the THP for allegedly driving 70 mph in a 55 mph zone. Lunsford had just taken a suspect to jail in Rogersville for driving on a revoked license and was on his way back to Mount Carmel when he was stopped and cited for speeding on Highway 11-W.

Mount Carmel Police Chief Jeff Jackson noted that police officers are only allowed to speed when en route to a call, and with their blue lights and siren activated. He said the warnings and citations issued to the HCSO and THP recently via the Mount Carmel camera system involved patrol cars that were speeding without blue lights and siren activated.

Click here for the report.

So this means traffic enforcement cameras do not recognize fellow officers, poker buddies, the Governor’s cousin or the mayor’s nephew’s boy….

Sucks for ya’ll too then, don’t it?


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