Skimpy Prom Dress Leads To Jail

(via Aquaflyer)

17-year old Marche Taylor had a dress custom made for her prom at Madison High. When she showed up at the door, she was denied admittance because a school official said the gown was too skimpy for the school sponsored event and violated school dress code.

Taylor and her friends tried to wrap her dress around her and pin it in place to provide more covering; however, the girl alleges school official then told her she still wasn’t going to be allowed in because she didn’t have any undergarments on.

Taylor said she was furious and demanded that the money she paid for the prom tickets be returned to her. The arguing apparently got out of hand and someone called the police who led Taylor away in handcuffs.

The teen spent the night in jail.

Full report available at CBS4 in Miami.

I support the schools decision since the dress length and alleged lack of underwear would have ensured more than one Britney Spears moment. I also think it’s important to note she did not get tossed into jail because of her dress – but due to the argument that followed.

The thing is: Taylor’s dress design was nothing groundbreaking. It was actually based on the best-selling (and now infamous) Xcite prom dress, style #376. This means Taylor is not the first girl to wear this dress, although hers might have been a shorter version.

This bugs me.

You know, teen years for girls are a dangerous period anymore. They face a “crisis in confidence” which makes them vulnerable to risky behavior – and they do need guidance throughout this period. They need a mother, other family member or mentor to step up and say, “There’s no way in hell you’re walking out the door in that get-up.”

Fewer parents are willing to say this. In fact, many mothers think such attire expresses self-confidence and a positive body image. I say that’s a crock of shit. For young girl to parade around half-naked is not confidence: it’s a misguided search for attention and reassurance.

And our tendency to accept or at times encourage our girls to dress revealingly implies we approve of the warped focus society places on their body or that receiving attention by parading around half-naked might be a good thing. Overall, I do NOT think this improve body-image or helps develop self-respect.

So, could this story mean we are now paying more attention to the messages we send girls? Could it mean that we see our girls need guidance? Are we changing the message?

(Sigh) I know. Probably not.


9 thoughts on “Skimpy Prom Dress Leads To Jail

  1. They should have at least refunded her the money for the tickets if they were not going to allow her to attend even after she attempted to cover herself a little more.

    I think the dress is ugly as hell personally but then again I remember some of the ugly things we wore to prom too. LOL

  2. I’ll take the principal’s side on this one. A miniskirt is not appropriate for the prom even if it is made of the finest fabric and comes from a top designer.

    As far as the refund goes, I doubt the ticket takers at the door had the authority to issue refunds and since she was creating a public disturbance she left them with little choice but to have her removed by the law.

    Proms are a lousy rite of passage anyway.

  3. The ticket takers may not have had the authority to refund the money but I am sure there were school officials available who could have assured her that her ticket price would be refunded.

    I agree with enforcing dress code during prom even if the prom occurs off school campus it is a school sponsored event and all rules apply. I am not a huge fan of dress code but I do believe that if you have a policy you need to either enforce it and make it apply to EVERYONE all of the time or drop the policy all together.

    On a side note: I think some cheer leading costumes are as revealing as this dress and in clear violation of school dress code yet these students are given special privilege to wear these costumes to school sponsored events. I don’t agree with this… again I think if you have a policy it should apply to ALL!

  4. I think the dress is ugly as hell personally but then again I remember some of the ugly things we wore to prom too. LOL.

    I don’t know what you’re talking about because I rocked my 1980’s strapless tiered-ruffle saloon style dress with high hair. I also have to side with the principal here too. I don’t have a problem with the mini-skirt, but in addition to the no undergarment thing, they weren’t just enforcing dress code but preventing a prom peep-show.

    Tina, I take you spotted those Top Gun get-ups in the Primary School yearbook?

  5. Angie No I had not seen those but that is far more disturbing to me than the teenagers prom dress.

    I hate seeing little kids made up like that, reminds me of the beauty pageants. Little kids made up to look like they are twenty. Crazy!!

  6. Tina you are completely right about the cheerleading outfits, but in that case the girls’ sexuality is being exploited for commercial purposes so it is OK to do that. For the prom, she was doing it as a form of personal expression and if we allow people to express themselves through fashion, society as we know it will fall apart; there will be rioting in the streets; dogs and cats living together in sin; and all manner of other chaos that doesn’t fit into a corporate spreadsheet. You don’t really want that do you? Think of your pensions. Think of the profits due the wealthy whose treasures trickle down to us little people. That would all go away. We would be living like primitives. Remember, obedience to corporate profit making authority is essential training to students to be obedience to other systems and institutions as well. Get children to question one of these, and soon they will be questioning all of them.

  7. Mi opinion.. the dress is REAL SKIMPY.. BUT.. there was no need to arrest her they shoulda gave her options..
    1. Go back home and put on better attire
    2. Leave and dont come back
    3. borrow some ones jacket and wear it for the rest of the night
    4. we can call the police to escort you out(last option)

  8. I don’t think they arrested her for the dress, Bianca – but because she she refused those options listed and was argumentative. Whether or not they communicated those options effectively or tried to reassure her the ticket price would be refunded, as Tina suggested, I don’t know.
    I wasn’t there.

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