Why Every Woman Needs a Good Cornbread Skillet

The Times-News Reports that  Doris Ray Williams Jr.has been indicted on one count of aggravated assault by the Hawkins County grand jury.

Williams had been in an argument with his fiancée, Mary Kathryn Whetsell, the evening of Nov. 24, 2007, who claimed Williams bit about one-third of her lower lip off during that argument and also threw her down on a glass coffee table, breaking a ceramic plate that cut her hip and foot.

Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Tony Spitzer testified during Williams’ preliminary hearing that when he arrived at the residence he observed the missing part of lip lying on a table, and Whetsell was bleeding from the mouth.

Authorities said Thursday that Williams and Whetsell are no longer engaged.

Gee you think?

(Entire report here.)

And you know, ladies, I’m fairly certain this is why they make cast iron skillets and tazers.

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2 thoughts on “Why Every Woman Needs a Good Cornbread Skillet

  1. Is this something unique to our area? It seems every month there is some bizarre story of domestic assault.

    It’s too bad that you can go to jail for killing your spouse in self defense.

  2. I don’t think biting or otherwise damaging body parts is unique to this area. I’ve heard worse stories from other places – but the beating your wife with a ham story… well, that was a new one.

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