Second Book in JS Moore Series Released

JS Moore follows up his first book Understanding Apples with the newly released Gathering Leaves.

Both books are collections of short stories steeped in Appalachian culture, local lore and tales of the common man. For Moore’s follow-up, folks from around the region contribute their talents and tales, including Herbie Williams who shares stories of his father H.O. Williams of Hawkins County.

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3 thoughts on “Second Book in JS Moore Series Released

  1. I knew H.O. Williams and am certain those stories are either funny or some great reading on the crookedness of Rogersville’s politicians who dealt with H.O. I’d like to know more about these books.

  2. Yes, those H.O. tales are bound to be good because that man was a hoot and half. (I also think he’d be immensely pleased these stories were written about him.)

    I’ve just ordered both books from Target and am looking forward to the read.

  3. I’ve covered a few other characters in the Hawkins County area in some of the stories as well: Hard Rock. Deetsie. Ralph Russell (the Barber). Mr. Fugate – yes – those stories about H.O. are quite funny. Herbie had some dirt on some city officials but is gonna wait til the next book to disclose some of that I believe. The book is doing well, though, and I appreciate any interest.

    Thank you demarcationville for the mention.

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