Avoiding A Stink

From the Rogersville Review:

Although the Hawkins County Commission’s Budget Committee routinely meets the third Monday of each month, Commissioner Virgil Mallett suggested this month’s meeting was a violation of the Tennessee “Sunshine Law.”

Before the meeting began Mallett questioned where the notice for the April meeting was posted or how the notice was publicized.

“I never received any kind of notice of this meeting in the mail, I just showed up because this is when we meet,” Mallett said.


“I don’t think there was adequate notice. If there was, where was it posted?” Mallett inquired. “It isn’t just commissioners who need to be notified, the public needs to know about these meetings. Most people may not care, but there may be someone out there who wants to make a stink out of it.”


Hawkins County Schools Director Charlotte Britton explained the school system budget amendment included transferring $87,600 from the fund balance to cover the cost of installing digital cameras on all county school buses.

“Each bus will have three cameras. One at the front of the bus looking back, one at the back looking forward and one over the driver looking at the door. With three we think we should be able to see anything that happens,” she said.


One thought on “Avoiding A Stink

  1. Yes, that pesky open meetings law which our delightful locals are perpetually in avoidance of, yet they expect the citizenry to actually obey the state laws from which they consider themselves exempt.

    Amazing it got brought up.

    Hopefully they will print out a small card with the hours and post it behind the water tank of the disused mens lavatory in the basement of a crumbling abandoned building. That should be just the ticket for the public notice.

    Oh I am sorry, perhaps I have become cynical after so many years of these routines!

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