Child Threatens President Bush

As a parent, I found this video extremely disturbing. (h/t Kleinheider)

Originally posted at World Star Hip Hop, the profanity-laced video full of threats directed at President Bush has since been removed… but not before it made it’s way around the internet.

Since most of us find it hard to believe these thoughts originated from a young child and we reject the possibility that he independently created and uploaded this video, we blame the parents or guardians.  Many are calling for an an investigation, intervention, and perhaps the arrest of the parents due to the twisted and violent nature of the kid’s speech.

I’m a bit more hesitant to wander into the the jurisdiction of thought police and parent patrol.

You know the motivation behind the video isn’t puzzling or mysterious – the point was to frame a message in such an outrageously shocking manner that it got everyone attention. And clearly, these parents have not used good judgment in determining what information or ideas are appropriate for their child. From a developmental standpoint, I think this is probably unhealthy. I can even see how it might be psychologically damaging (if he truly understood what he was saying.)

But is bad judgment abuse? Do we know enough to make that determination?

Mr. Smartypants is 8-year old and knows that over 4000 American soldiers have died in Iraq. He is also aware religious differences between Sunni and Shiite Muslims is and has always been contributing factor to the violence there.

While this isn’t information I felt compelled to offer and most was gained by inquiry, I’m not uncomfortable with it. By possessing the information, he is aware there are threats and violence in the world and that not all countries are like ours – but the knowledge doesn’t leave him feeling personally threatened.

Should I be arrested too?

I understand these are two very different things. I cannot imagine my child creating such a video (he’d have a hard time uttering the foul language beyond the bar of Ivory Soap he’d find shoved his in mouth) but my question is, I guess, what are the boundaries here?

If we decide something like this requires legal action (and my maternal instincts are screaming that it does) don’t we need to determine what is acceptable and what is just “crazy-assed”?

Or do we go on the notion that “we know crazy when we see it.”


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