Going About It All Wrong

Chattanooga Times-Free Press explains how the immigration sweeps last week, during TCAPs, could adversely affect Hamilton County’s No Child Left Behind Standings.

(h/t Don)

The potential impact could have been felt systemwide but may have been especially great at East Side Elementary, where 43 percent of the students are Hispanic. The school is an English as a Second Language center, located about two miles from Pilgrim’s Pride.

“I’m sure children who were in school of all ages last week — Hispanic kids — had real worries while being in school of what might happen at home. That’s just human nature,” said Mike Feely, director of the St. Andrews Center, a resource for Chattanooga’s multicultural communities.

“Something like a raid must have an impact on students, to be in school all day wondering if mom and dad are going to come back,” he added.

Meanwhile, I’m pondering upon how fundamentally wrong it is that we’re bemoaning test scores instead of the fact that we have children in our country, who live with the fact that, as a demographic, we generally don’t like them. Consequently, we may send special police officers to their house to round-up their family and toss them out on their brown asses.

American, why must you repeat the same mistakes over and over again?

Immigrating without the proper paperwork has always been a violation of civil law – you know like divorce, claiming your landlord violated the rent agreement or the neighbor’s fence encroaches upon your property.  Nevertheless, our country periodically takes a look around at the various people living here and starts thinking, “Oh shit, these people are different from me! There are too many of them. What if they take over? What if they start mucking up our diverse culture? No, we can’t let that happen. Let’s make them all get the hell out now.”

At that point, we consider this civil violation akin to murder, drug cartels, jesus cults, standoffs and hostage situations. We beef up our “immigration enforcement” department and go ape shit, storming chicken factories, having protests and such.  And this never works.

Look, my concerns about immigration and it how affects US security and economy mirror those of most Americans. The fundamental difference between myself and the majority would be – well, ya’ll are going about this the wrong way.  I “get it” that border security is national security for the simple reason that any lunatic could meander through our wide-open back door.

Why not focus our resources there?

Oh wait, I forgot. We need them here to deal with these people, we don’t seem to know how to deal with.  See, like you, I do not want criminals floating around in my country.  If we have the option of deporting felons, good – let’s do this.  But that’s not what this “sweep” was about.  If it were about eliminating the criminal element, we would not be storming into a place of business, arresting gainfully-employed undocumented people, who probably aren’t into blowing shit up to prove a political point and have committed only one crime: being present without the proper permission slip.

This sweep was about pleasing the masses.  And the masses say – “We’re only doing this because we’re concerned about the drain on the taxpayers and keeping things fair for the American workers.”

I don’t believe that.

If you were truly concerned about these issues: you’d advocate for an easier process. You’d allow these workers and their families to come here legally – so they could not only contribute but be rewarded fairly for those contributions with equal pay and benefits. Honest to God, people, it isn’t their presence which harms us but our exploitation of that presence.

This is about fear.  This is about keeping the vocal majority happy.  It’s also short-sighted, divisive and isn’t doing a damn thing to make us safer, better, or stronger as a country.  And there will be repercussions, most of which are far more serious than a damn test score and will take much longer to repair.

Why don’t you get that America?


One thought on “Going About It All Wrong

  1. You’re speaking the truth Angie, and people are not interested in hearing that.

    This is an era of specialization. You don’t grow your food, you buy a steak at the store that is trucked in frozen from 2500 miles away. Most people are only vaguely aware that their steak came from an animal called a cow. Few people realize that chickens have to be plucked before they come to the store. Almost no one realizes that undocumented workers pick all of the fruits and vegetables they buy, and that that is required because only undocumented workers can be paid less than the minimum wage and have no liability for work accidents, which is required in order to have food at the store be the price it is and not four times more expensive.

    I stop periodically and asked the people standing on the corners or in the street with the “Will Work for Food” signs if they would like to come help with some weeding for $8 an hour, plus a nice lunch is included. Have been doing this for more than 10 years and not a single Anglo-Saxon has agreed to it yet.

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