Rogersville Wins Second Place… in Crime Rankings

According to Don Fenley, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s annual report for 2007 is now online and has almost endless data crunching opportunities for those so inclined.

The data can be found by CLICKING HERE.

A quick review of the Tri-Cities region shows that Kingsport has the highest city crime rate in the region, but it’s only barely above the Rogersville crime rate. Bristol has the third highest crime rate.


9 thoughts on “Rogersville Wins Second Place… in Crime Rankings

  1. Thanks for posting these. We have so many robberies, murders and drug labs in this town I was wondering exactly this!

    Tennessee has the second highest violent crime rate in the entire United States, so maybe to help increase tourism we could feature what we do best?

    “Visit Rogersville – Ranked a Top Most Violent City in the United States”

  2. No, that won’t do though. I checked the page and sorted by the rate column and Rogersville has 771 crimes per 4317 population, which makes it 19th most dangerous in Tennessee. Shelbyville is #1 by far, Pigeon Forge #3 (pickpockets and car break-ins?).

    OK, I see now – you said Tri-Cities region. How many cities is that? I never heard of Rogersville as part of the Tri-Cities, I mean, it is the Tri-Cities, as in three. Rogersville is in East Tennessee though, in which case you’d have to include Pigeon Forge as well.

  3. Ah, you got the “spin” from Fenley, he decided to include Rogersville in the Tri-Cities so his town of Kingsport didn’t come out #1.

    Is there some way we can get a list of those 771 crimes?

    I don’t think this number paints Rogersville badly. I suspect that what is going on here is law enforcement have been taking drugs in the community more seriously the last couple of years and are making many more arrests.

  4. Hm… look at that, Hawkins COUNTY has among the lowest crime rate in the region:

    43.29 Johnson
    47.27 Unicoi
    56.44 Carter
    70.43 Hawkins
    74.35 Greene
    78.59 Cocke
    92.53 Washington
    104.56 Hamblen
    115.81 Sullivan

    So what about that, Mr. Fenley!


    What was that about lies, damed lies and statistics?

  5. I’m sorry to say that I found the answer to my previous question about the nature of crimes here, as Mr. Fenley already put it together –

    14 cases of Forcible (violent) Rape in Hawkins County in 2007! What is going on?

    17 cases of Forcible fondling in Hawkins County, 1 in Rogersville, 1 in Church Hill.

    73 cases of Aggravated Assault in Hawkins, 23 in Rogersville.

    239 cases of Intimidation. Is that threatening someone? Some years ago a man said he was going to kill my husband with me standing right there, and a police officer witnessed the whole thing personally. I asked if it was a crime to threaten to kill someone and the officer said no. If that’s not Intimidation though, I wonder what is? I had not before now heard that Intimidation was a crime.

    Only 3 cases of stalking though in Hawkins, 1 in Rogersville.

  6. I think intimidation may be the catch-all for things that do quite not meet the legal definition of harassment, stalking or simple assault?

    And I’ve always said that Hawkins County has an abundance of perverts. I don’t know why. Perhaps we should study the problem and implement a serious Pecker Control Program.

    Of course, we might have problems getting my version funded since it would include weapons for all female residents and special Fruit of the Loom underwear, which can deliver a shock to the testicles for prior offenders.

    Then again, maybe NOW has a grant for this type of thing.

  7. Yes, it does seem like there are too many perverts for an area this size. I’m not certain about this though, I know it’s easy to jump to conclusions, I mean, I’ve read through the Hawkins sex offender database, and in recent months we’ve have a gay pedophile coach, and the world’s creepiest looking psychopath with AIDS that breaks into the homes of the disabled and rapes them. This is like stuff out of a horror movie. But am I overreacting just because I am reading about all of this too much? Were things this bad in the old days, but not as much prosecuted since “boys will be boys”? Or are things worse now? They [i]seem[/i] to be. (Not sure if that will format as italics, what sort of markup is allowed here?)

    What you say about going weapons I agree with completely. That will help solve the violent rape problem. About the abuse of students by teachers though, I don’t know what is going on with that. It seems most of abused students don’t report it. It would seem the pervs psychologically manipulate them. We need someone who understands the dynamics of this to give classes in school so students know what to watch for, and learn how they are being brainwashed in these situations. Although the ad agencies might object to such classes since they probably use the same brainwashing methods.

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