TVA Restricts Access and Pretends to Love You

The Tennessee Valley Authority is closing the access road to pedestrian traffic at the John Sevier Fossil Plant.  Officials say there too much construction near the site.

A four year construction project to install air pollution control equipment should start this year.  TVA will adding a flue gas desulphurization system (scrubber). The scrubber will reduce sulfur dioxide emissions from all four 200-megawatt units at John Sevier.  Contracts also will be awarded to install Selective Catalytic Reduction technology on the four units to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.  The combined cost of the projects is approximately $597 million.

According to TVA officials, these additions will reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by as much as 95 percent and nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 90 percent and further improve air quality in the region

So, for now, visitors should now park in the campground area at John Sevier – and Hawkins Countians, please don’t suffer under the delusion that TVA suddenly loves you.  I have a feeling these improvements have more to do with this case going to trial in July (even if Tom Kilgore says otherwise.)


3 thoughts on “TVA Restricts Access and Pretends to Love You

  1. That lawsuit of North Carolina is a very dangerous precedent. I hope the case is thrown out. I also hope that TVA cuts all electric lines that supply NC with our electricity. It must be so nice for them to sit on their high horses and complain about the pollution from electric plants in another state that supply THEM with electricity. Obviously if we cut them off we won’t produce as much pollution, duh!

  2. Dear Deborah,

    With all due respect – you do not know what you are talking about. I worked as an Operations Shift Supervisor at TVA’s Colbert Plant for years. Trust me, they are a huge pollutor and they don’t care. I was told repeatedly – do NOT worry about Opacity (visible emissions), get the load up. The plant manager there was Steve Hargrove and he had one objective – his bonus -which was tied to power production – not emisions. And, lest you think I was a poor performer, I have very good evaluations. I just had the good sense to leave, because my ehtics were higher than TVA’s. As a 20 year verteran in the power industry I have NEVER worked for a company as bad as TVA. They flagrantly viloate the clean air act repeatedly, and they really do NOT care. I have been at my present company since the middle of last year. At this plant we have had 0 – that is ZERO environmental exceedances since then. In the 4 years at TVA we had thousands. Do you really want to defend that? And for the record – TVA imports massive amounts of power – on a normal hot summer or cold winter day TVA is importing an average of 4000 to 6000 Megawatts of electricity. So – do they “supply” the carolinas with power? It is the other way around. The best thing for the good people of Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi would be for the TVA to be privatized – immediately. You and your children deserve much better. The Federal government does NOT belong in the power industry.


    Dave Groves

  3. Everything that Dave spoke about is true and then some. How can I say this you ask? I worked with Dave at Colbert as an Operations Shift Supervisor. At times, Dave and I would relieve each other and share our daily heartaches.

    I left TVA and the Colbert Plant for one reason, I could not and would not sacrifice my own ethical standards anymore. I have been in the power industry for over twenty years, I am qualified to make these statements. If you ever get a chance, take a tour through a TVA fossil plant. You will be very suprised at the condition of the plant infrastructure.

    To be honest, Dave is actually very kind in his assement of TVA. The trial in NC is a good thing, the fine people of the Tennesse Valley deserve much better.



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