Weather Worries

My sister lives in Anderson County.

I called earlier to let her know her area is under a tornado warning. She didn’t seem concerned. In fact, she is very much the type who will be sittin’ on the front porch, drinking a beer when the tornado comes.

So, with visions of her being sucked into a funnel like the cow on Twister, I called Daddy and told on her.

She’s on her own, Daddy says.  He doesn’t have time to weather watch with his Ham Radio buddies and offer updates. He’ll be busy clearing the dirt behind his shed in order to avoid a mudslide during the storm.

And I don’t know what’s happening because the kids turned WBIR to Spongebob.

Earlier, Smartypants observed that the pink splotches heading toward Clinton didn’t look like a good thing – but other than this, the kids aren’t terribly concerned with the weather – you know, just so long as it doesn’t knock the cable out.

My family drives me nuts.


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