Gentlemen Start Your Engines

Meeting the filing deadline by the skin of his teeth or hair on his chinny-chin-chin… er, mustache, State Senator Mike Williams (I-4) has announced his intention to seek re-election. WBIR has the story, which I found via katie @ Knox talks.

Williams, a part-time Dale Earnhardt impersonator, will be running against Church Hill attorney/favored Republican candidate Mike Faulk.

Faulk, who officially announced his candidacy last week at the Hawkins County Lincoln Day Dinner has also re-announced his candidacy for the 2,049,435,095th time via a private YouTube video.

AC Kleinheider (welcome back) and Bill Hobbs have links.

I’d post the video here, but I’m unable to view at the moment. I assume Faulk’s people will eventually make the video public… or they won’t, which means they’re probably talking trash about the Democrats or copying speeches from Hillary and don’t want Gray Sasser to find out.

Either way, Bill Hobbs says the video is nicely done, and if Bill says so, well then… eh, nevermind.  As long as Faulk isn’t dressed like the fat Elvis and doesn’t have Dueling Banjos playing in the background, how bad could it be?

I can’t wait to see how effective Williams’ covert pre-politickin’ pity stunt was…  or what direction he will go from here. The whole “those Big Bad Republicans were sooo mean to me” act can only get him so far.  Eventually, he’ll have to start talking issues.

I also wonder where he’ll raise funds for the campaign, as based on Faulk’s campaign finance reports, I think he has all the money.

Anyway, with two candidates revving up to run, the race should be quite interesting (in a reality television sort of way.)  I definitely foresee a few fistfights at the local spit-n-sit haunts.

I’ll have to remember to take my camera… and maybe a bell.


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