Dangers of Shoplifting while Intoxicated

The Kingsport Times-News reports that Rogersville police found an alleged would-be shoplifter passed out on the floor of the local Dollar General Store last week. The items he allegedly intended to steal were stuffed down his pants and scattered on the floor around him.

A search of Hugh Dustin Wolfe (the passed-out potential shoplifter) revealed him to be in possession of several pills in an unmarked pill container and in a cigarette pack, police said. The pills were later determined to be Soma and Xanax.

Wolfe was taken to Hawkins Memorial for observation before being booked into the local jail.

More here.

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2 thoughts on “Dangers of Shoplifting while Intoxicated

  1. My goodness, now that has to be embarrassing. Not only drunk on downer pills but the best he can do for his crime spree is the dollar mart. I honestly feel sorry for the guy, his life must really suck that he is reduced to this. I hope he manages to turn his life around after he gets out of jail. I don’t know how people can keep doing crimes when they are so bad at it and they get in the paper for these sorts of things.

    If I was going to live my life as a criminal, I think I would want to be a diamond thief or the sort of bank robber that breaks in at night while no one is there. Stuffing inexpensive chinese made knick knacks in my pants at the dollar store while popping Xanax, I would just die of embarrassment.

  2. Its not the fault of the people commiting the crimes most of the time.. its the DOCTORS that get by with prescribing all these drugs so they can get richer!!!!!! They should go arrest the doctors that prescribe this stuff .. NOT THE PEOPLE THEY GET HOOKED ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!

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