4,000 Fallen Soldiers

Reuters: The number of U.S. soldiers to die in Iraq has reached 4,000, the U.S. military said on Monday, just days after the fifth anniversary of a war that President George W. Bush says the United States is on track to win.

You may notice this number is frequently referred to as a milestone.

A milestone as to indicate the distance from a given point? America’s  journey to bring peace and democracy to Iraq is measured by loss of human lives?  We were here at 2000 dead.  Now, we have arrived at 4,000?  How many more milestones will there be before we arrive at this elusive destination of “victory.”

A milestone as in a turning point? Truly? Because  it seems we’ve turned every which way already and there’s no where left to go.

Folks,  my confusion regarding the war is no secret.  I can state without hesitation: this war was not justified.  I stated this five years ago – but what is the point of debating backwards?

Regardless of who, what, where and how we were led there or why most of us agreed to go – we are there now.  Our reality is we went, we destabilized and now we’ve changed our minds.

So,  what moral obligation do we have to Iraq and it’s people? How can we rectify the situation without creating some type of genocidal human rights nightmare.   What will it take to meet this obligation?  Can it be met? At what point do we cut out losses?  How much is too much?
I’ve yet to find the “exit-strategy” answer that doesn’t sound more like a “long-term development plan.”  So to hear this number called a a milestone angers me beyond words.

Because the fact is – we’re stuck.

We are so hopelessly stuck that I fear my son might someday become a “milestone.”  We’ve been there for five years…why would nine more be unthinkable?   And as a mother I must say, I  don’t give a damn how honorable dying for your country might be: I don’t think I could bear for my only son to become litter along this great path to nowhere.

So, don’t call it a milestone.


One thought on “4,000 Fallen Soldiers

  1. I agree with you. Bush says we are on the track to win? On the track to win what exactly? And what is this track he speaks of?

    4000 dead, but how many maimed and injured? 130,000 is the official count among US soldiers. Many of these young americans are missing legs, eyes, ears, arms. Many are horribly disfigured – the legacy of roadside bombs. Their lives are over. And yet when they return, how much respect does the military have for their sacrifice? We hear about how they are sent bills to pay back their bonuses since their injury shortened their tour of duty. We hear of waits of years to get needed medical treatment at a VA hospital. We hear of benefits denied.

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